Monday, April 06, 2009

The lady i admire - She is terrific and prominent TV shows and Magazines

As she walks on to the dais to take the pulpit; one young bright, happy and a sparking personality who has shaken most of our hearts by her tremendous speech. Ofcourse we are all speechless after hearing her. As she spoke by giving instances about how to handle problems; I gained courage not just to face but fight to progress in life. She made these points elaborating on each one by sharing how she came up with them out of her experiences. I want to imprint these five points on my every nerve as I need these words to change the way I see things

Barriers: One needs to jump the mental barriers; physical barriers are much easier

Experts are not always correct; take a step further to do a self research and teach them. Do not blindly follow.
Though ground things are important; never loose the big picture
Be resourceful
Be futuristic

She reiterated that we have to remember these 3 responsibilities as individuals


She also believes that the core competency of a woman is her multitasking skill and that the best performance is during worst times. Being self-directive and a visionary about social entrepreneurship; she encourages more and more women to become part of building a balanced society.

She is the one lady Karuna Gopal who will be remembered everyday and most adorable and admirable.

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Sree said...

Yes I Agree with Karuna Gopal that women has Mental ability and can cope with mental pressures,the only thing they need is bit support i a male dominant world.