Thursday, September 01, 2005

Start living life to the full

What would I like to do in life...

Playing badminton, table tennis, unfortunately I don't play now. completely lost in touch..So am like a BIG FOOT BALL now..heehee

I enjoy reading books by Robert Schuller, Jack canfiled, Presently I am reading a book called "THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES -How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be" by Jack Canfield(Professional Motivational Speaker).I am really enjoying this book and I reccommend everyone to read this book.

Smell of water on mud, the kind of smell that comes when it rains.. hmm so yummy smell isnt! I feel like to eating the mud :-P

I used to eat lots of chalk piece when i was in my Pre-school. Dont ever tell my mom plss!

Oh..Flowers..yes! when i was young i tried to preserve flowers by storing them in books. At times I used to steel flowers from so many places.

Butterfly!amazed to see the colors - GOD Almighty!

Take photos of my family and friends(Only smart..handsome...emm etc hehe)

Take a walk all alone emm road should be very clean and neat

I obsessed with my nails. Don't ask me why, I don't know.

Love to sit in Bamboo swing and have a big mug full of coffee without swinging back and forth

I want to lie down on the grass and look at the shinig sky.

Surprising someone can cost nothing but can be fun right! i do this often to my loved ones.. as well as I can witness the look on their face as they cared enough.

I always wanted to sleep under the shining moon...but in a tent with my head out of the door, then if i get cold in the night I can always climb inside right?

I love sitting alone and watching the moon ..its cool right?

Love to get drenched in rain and should have hot hot mouth is watering now is getting wet..well let me stop here...!Alright..this list wll continue..