Monday, August 23, 2010

You are new here, arnt you? the voice was really sweet but i couldnt see the face in the pitch dark but i did promptly said Yes and walked towards the dinner hall. Me and sterelin thought it would be a nice experience to camp ourself at forest and couldnt fail to appreciate the experience that we had in the nightly night forest. That night after we gave a bountiful dinner to our souls and around of mocktail we both settled around the camp fire and we couldnt help but admiring and silently appreciating each other. we stayed to chat and catch up a little but it was freezing cold. There was one more couple from Australia who was with us in the fire camp and sharing the same kind of experience with us. After sometime the lady host took us around for night walk in the forest and gave a big surprise. We started walking in the complete dark and walked out of the resort then I looked on both the sides of the highway the forest looked eerie and the darkness and this was a sinister opposite to what i have planned.

Lets go to the left i told sterelin and sincerely followed the lady host. we crossed the road and entered a thicket of trees. it was dark like the scene you would expect in a horror film involving unfriendly ghosts and vengeful sprits. i said to myself not letting go of sterelin hand whom i deeply admire. i felt fear creeping up. it was a scary night it was dark i didnt know what kind of forest this was i didnt know what wild animals lived here. I thought that my soul would be released in the walk. Suddenly the lady host asked us to stop and look up. Oh my god..Wow! I love the starry sky. it reminds me that there is a whole big universe out there. There could be other planets with life forms there is a higher intelligence out there and lady host secretly took us traveling through galaxies and planet. she was showing the different shapes in the form of stars and we are spotting out Orion Leo and Leo belt , regulus, Saturn, Hercules.

The Milky Way is a fuzzy glow of so many stars shining at us that we can’t distinguish any of the stars. Me and sterelin was excited to identify the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are visible to the naked eye. North Star and Sirius was easy to spot because it is the brightest star in the sky and all the time I was starring at them. Lady host was showing us the two star nebulas,– the Horsehead Nebula (which gets its name from it’s horsehead shape) and the Orion Nebula (which looks like the middle ‘star’ of Orion’s sword). i want my walk to lead me to the new star world. i was so surprised at what i had just saw that i forgot my fear of the dense dark forest. Everything around was dark almost pitch black suddenly lighteninig lit up the path. everything around me looked gresyish. Oh my god this is my first star gazing experience!

Friends, try out ! It creates lot of interest In you to find what’s all out there instead of just white twinkly things,”

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking is an increasingly popular activity and best place for families throughout California. Weekend brings lot more fun and it extremely brings large crowds to the farm. my experience with cherry picking adventure is memorable – I became like a kid:). It was really fun to me to pick, eat and collect it in the basket. We should have Mango picking in india what say?!The farm is full of yummy Yummy..Apricot, plum, Strawberry, Blueberry and i kept stuffing my tummy and filling basket. kids were just going crazy around the farm and posing for photographs it was a good full fun time pass

the farms with dwarf-sized trees so that young kids can easily reach the cherries without a ladder. It is absolutely an activity even for toddlers they can fully participate in while for big kids, teens, and parents, picking your own fruit just never gets old.

Eating fresh cherries off a tree is simply delightful for anyone of any age. They are super sweet!

it was a fruit worthy of a special trip to the farm, The first time I had the pleasure of picking these wonderfully sweet and juicy little things, cherry picking is a near perfect family activity.

Cherrylicious thanking my friend and his wife and their cute kid for taking me to this memorable adventure. I am really excited to share this experience with you all.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Hello Srilanka!

A journey that refreshed me a lot and really had wonderful relaxed time. We said bye bye to our cell phones, laptop, stressful days at work place and said hello to Srilanka. This journey took me through the cities Colombo to Kandy to ELLA to Unawatuna.Most of us aware of that the Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is in Southern Asia.

It's a beautiful and incredible island country in the Indian Ocean. The Conflict was finally ended last May and it was more peaceful island rich in natural beauty and cultural splendors. it feels like one big tropical zoo elephants roam freely, water buffaloes idle in paddy fields and monkeys swing from trees. Driving through the streets of Sri Lanka was certainly different from what we had become accustomed to in India.

Buddhist statue that is a symbol of hope for the mental and spiritual rehabilitation of the people in Sri Lanka. We continued our journey through several little beach towns and headed to the South West near the seaside village of Galle to Unawatuna.Unawatuna is a curved-shaped beach resort located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, a few miles south of Galle. "Una-watuna" meaning "fell-down" refers to the myth of Hanuman who had to move a mountain as he could not locate the herbs he required and in the process a chunk of it "fell-down".
A small and beautiful beach town near Galle popular with tourists and Sri Lankan's alike. Normally packed with Germans and British at this time of year, the impact of the political troubles has reduced the numbers to a wandering few, quiet. Walking along the beautiful blue beaches the one thing that you notice is that the beaches are lined with locally owned boutique hotels, guest houses and small rustic restaurants. No big chain restaurants or fast food outlets. No big hotels. No one hassling you to buy something. No one begging. Just pure local Sri Lankan peaceful paradise with the soundtrack being the waves crashing against the beach.

Unawatuna best beaches of the world its for safe swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving & surfing. That was the first time for me to see people doing snorkeling and surfing. Snorkeling experience was really thrilling which brings goosebump all over. I saw group of yellow and blue colored fishes swiming together and a sea tortoise roaming here and there.What is a group of fishes called? is it School. Fish is a cold-blooded animal with backbones and its capable of breathing under water with the help of gill rakers. Snorkeling is fun and it was my first experience. I didnt expect there would be so many fish swimming around me. Under the sea waves the fishes just play and play and play around freely. I was super excited to see them. Fishes liked to come charging to our faces and then swim away . It just stopped my breath for a sec and pulled my head off rushed to reach boat :). I know i was stupid..this bloody cannibals scared the hell out of me.