Thursday, September 01, 2005

Start living life to the full

What would I like to do in life...

Playing badminton, table tennis, unfortunately I don't play now. completely lost in touch..So am like a BIG FOOT BALL now..heehee

I enjoy reading books by Robert Schuller, Jack canfiled, Presently I am reading a book called "THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES -How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be" by Jack Canfield(Professional Motivational Speaker).I am really enjoying this book and I reccommend everyone to read this book.

Smell of water on mud, the kind of smell that comes when it rains.. hmm so yummy smell isnt! I feel like to eating the mud :-P

I used to eat lots of chalk piece when i was in my Pre-school. Dont ever tell my mom plss!

Oh..Flowers..yes! when i was young i tried to preserve flowers by storing them in books. At times I used to steel flowers from so many places.

Butterfly!amazed to see the colors - GOD Almighty!

Take photos of my family and friends(Only smart..handsome...emm etc hehe)

Take a walk all alone emm road should be very clean and neat

I obsessed with my nails. Don't ask me why, I don't know.

Love to sit in Bamboo swing and have a big mug full of coffee without swinging back and forth

I want to lie down on the grass and look at the shinig sky.

Surprising someone can cost nothing but can be fun right! i do this often to my loved ones.. as well as I can witness the look on their face as they cared enough.

I always wanted to sleep under the shining moon...but in a tent with my head out of the door, then if i get cold in the night I can always climb inside right?

I love sitting alone and watching the moon ..its cool right?

Love to get drenched in rain and should have hot hot mouth is watering now is getting wet..well let me stop here...!Alright..this list wll continue..

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Personal History

I give a lot of credit to my family for what I am today. Family would be mom, dad, elder sis sharmila, brother-in-law srinivas younger sis Priya, elder brother Kiran, younger brother shailesh and the cutest nephew harish kumar. Parents took care of us very well, made us feel comfortable and never let us feel down by the financial burden they had to face. I take my time to make friends and I don't generally take the initiative to make a conversation with a total stranger. I value all my friends and I am really happy that I met such people.

My dad is an awsome person and he worked as supervisor in E.I.d Parry. He is vbut I know he iery handsome and also very soft hearted person when it comes to me and my family. I am totally my dad's pet. He encourages me to study hard and freak out too. I am closer to my dad than I am to my mom, I guess most girls are like that, or maybe it is because my dad pampers me and gives me what I want.

My mom is a homemaker, like every Indian mother is very caring. She has always supported me whenever I have taken bold decisions.she was a house wife and used to conduct tuition classes for school going children at her free time.I think my mother is great, we have an amazing understanding between us and I know she misses me alot.

My elder sis Sharmila is very pretty,sweet and stubborn in nature. She is habitually reserved in speech, withholding her opinion. She has showed me the other point of view. We still argue over things. At times I can see her point of view is very mature.

Hey Everyone meet Harish Kumar!! My Nephew! He is just smart and handsome isnt it..! He is the first grand son to my parents.He is in 4th standard. He likes to laugh a lot and to cry just 'a bit'. He is a big fan of telugu actor Nagarjuna. Love to play computer games and cricket all the time. We like to play hide-n-seek together. He calls me "Mali chiti". I love my nephew very very much. I miss him a lot.

My younger sis Priya is an upcoming Software engineer. whose sole aim in life is to disturb every other member in the family hehe. She is just like my elder sis but very funny gal at times.She is 5yrs younger than me, but we have always been more like twins.

Not only are we three sisters, but are good friends and share the ambitions in life. we are so in tune with each other that there is not much need for explanation. We are incredibly close as sisters.

This page wouldn't be complete if I forgot to thank all of those who have made my life what it is today. You all had a part of my life and have a place in my heart. Thanks for always having my back, and know that I will always have yours. Thanks for giving my world a little style :)

Its Me

I'm a Malini, Gemini born on the 4th of June year of the 1976. I was born and raised in kulithalai, Karur district of Tamilndau,. I like to spend time with my family and friends.I would describe myself as someone who is adaptable, caring, thoughtful and slightly possesive. I am short tempered and get irritated easily I am opinionated, once I develop a bad opinion of someone I tend to be biased against them...and I don't think this is good.

I completed my secondary and primary education from a school in Kulithalai. During those days, I used to take part in all extra curricular activities. I even won a title of State Ball Badminton championship The achievement is sports helped me secure admission for BA Economics at Holy Cross College Trichy Affiliated by Bharathidasan University. I enjoyed three years of happy and challenging moments there. After my graduation I enrolled for a GNIIT program offered by NIIT . Alongside I pursued a Master of public administration course in Madras University

My first opportunity to work knocked me after I completed a year of GNIIT program. The Job was in Public sector. A Year of experience in public sector taught me a very simple formula that 100% be responsible for your outcome.

My knowledge about computers and software attracted me to a product based IT company in Hyderabad. I could double my income in less than 2 years. There I was strongly encouraged to learn software quality and testing. I had a good chance to take part in CMM 5 level assessment. That was one of my best experiences brought me some light in my life and motivated me to focus more on software testing. With three years past, I looked forward to a learn new things, so moved to a solution-based service industry.

My professional experience taught me a lesson: There is only one person responsible for the quality of the life you live that person is you.

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, hate/love mail, drop me a line. I take forever returning emails sometimes, but I usually get around to them.

Thanks for reading.

Professional summary

Professional Summary:

Malini Mohan Kumar is into Software Testing/QA Who specialize in..

- Software Testing
- Software System and Functional testing
- Software Security and Performance testing
- Software Verification and Automation
- Software QA and Process
- Software Documentation


-10+ years of experience as a Testing professional engineer
-System diploma in computers, GNIIT
-Bachelor's Degree in Economics
-Master's Degree in Public Administration
-MBA pursuing final year in IT system


Planning, Estimation and Execution
•Build a detailed Project Plan and strategy along with QA calendar
•Preparing and maintaining Effort Estimation and resource allocation
•Provide strategic direction for project
•Prevent scope creep and preparing risk mitigation plan
•Identify the testing methodology and approach(Functional/Performance) to be used and the deliverables to be furnished at the completion of the project
•Establish and evaluate the specific QA methodologies policies and procedures specific to project
•Prepare and Manage resources plan and assignments
•Provide appropriate and timely resources for efficient and effective project completion
•Ensure sustained adherence to schedule commitments
•Execute Test cases prepared and perform Ado testing
•Perform Multi platform Testing

Requirement & Change Management•Change management and impact analysis
•Manage the project scope and change requests
•Prepare Traceability Matrix and RBT
•Reviewing Traceability chart and metrics

Defect Prevention and Metrics
•Defect Analysis and preventive measures to project specific
•Perform Risk based testing to confirm the test activities
•Collecting metric data effectively

General and project related Report•Preparation of daily/weekly Status reports
•Maintain and tracking Project health status review
•Planning and tracking SQA calendar and activities
•Maintain project health status and profitability report and submit to Sr. Management Periodically

•Test Plan and Test cases review
•Maintaining and tracking periodic Project reviews
•Build/Phase- Milestone & schedule reviews


•Take complete ownership of the QA process and software
•Provide consultative support to QA and development team on questions of standards, procedures, techniques, etc
•Monitoring performance and security level of project before and after deployment
•Monitoring and Reviewing the CMM level processes at all stage of project


•Tracking and Managing Test Environment
•Communicate regularly with client and other area on project status
•Communicate project and the QA level goals to all management levels
•Facilitate problem solving and collaboration.
•Provide on-going guidance and direction to the QA team
•Provide regular feedback to the QA team on performance vs. expectations
•Facilitate problem solving and collaboration.

Competency Activities
•Involved in Presales activity
•Participating in competency building and activities
•Participating in Proposal writing

Core Experience:

-Test Management Experience:
Test Planning and test strategizing, tracking and reporting test status, tracking test effort, risk identification, Risk mitigation planning, coordinating with development team, SQA and defect tracking.

-Test engineering Experience :
Test case preparation, finding test case adequacy, test data preparation, test script generation, reviewing test cases and scripts, test execution and evaluation.


·Build a detailed Project QA calendar and Complete QA charter
·Provide strategic direction for project
·Prevent scope creep and preparing risk mitigation plan
·Establish and evaluate the specific QA methodologies policies and procedures
·Identify the testing methodology and approach to be used and the deliverables to be furnished at the completion of the project
·Provide consultative support to QA and development team on questions of standards, procedures, techniques, etc
·Monitoring and Reviewing the CMM level processes at all stage of project
·Manage the project scope and change requests
·Communicate regularly with client and other affected area on project status
·Communicate project and the QA level goals to all management levels