Monday, November 27, 2006

Warmth of togetherness!

The Hyderabad 10K Run is being organised by the Hyderabad 10K Foundation(organisation dedicated to supporting social causes through charity and service)

initially was not eager to participate in this event later one of my friends pushed me. I should thank my friend for motivating me to attend this event. I did take part in charity programs but not this kind of events.

I can describe this is an event that born out of a passion to build a hope in the lives of many. I could feel the warmth of togetherness and the enthusiasm of the purpose that brought over 10,000+ participants.. I saw students, youth, sportspersons, corporates and even senior citizens all came together for a good cause.Its just not for fun alone. we all happy that we got an oppurtuntiy to took a small step towards a great cause and to support various social issues.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I just got back from an amazing experience - Mudumalai Jungle Retreat

My jungle experience was nothing short of amazing overall this experience ranks easily in the top 5 of my lifetime – I will remember it always! Jungle Retreat, located at the foothills of the Nilgiris, skirting the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and the National Park of Tamil Nadu

I could see that my life was at a peak, I was happy and fulfilled and surrounded by more loving friends than ever before. I was making an assessment of my life, and I received affirmation. We all laughed freely and discussed our experiences...(continue)

Monday, July 31, 2006

Love Brings Joy to All?!

All of us need to believe that we are loved and are lovable. We begin life secure in our mother's love, swaddled in our innocence. Love was never in question, but over time, we become increasingly unsure...

In The Path to Love , Deepak Chopra says that by bringing spirituality back into our relationships, we can discover a world of depth and meaning. He says: "You were created to be completely loved and to be completely lovable for your whole life".

The problems begin when we start taking love for granted and get possessive about life. We deny freedom and space to the people we love - our children, spouse, friend. Unknowingly, we start killing our love. And we create bondage for ourselves, too, when we curb the freedom of the person we love.

Osho says: "Freedom is a higher value than love". Love stifles and gets stifled when it encroaches upon the space of another. Love blossoms in the space of freedom, in breeziness. Once we realise the nature of true love, we no longer ‘fall' in love - we actually ‘rise' in love.

At this point love becomes unconditional. We give our love and feel grateful to all those who receive it, because this way we unburden ourselves.

Osho says when the clouds are full of rain water, they have to shower. It is their need. Similarly, when we become full of love it is our need to give our love to one and all. Then we are not concerned whether or not we receive love in return. We simply enjoy giving.

Conditional love is attachment; it is bondage, so it is also an illusion. We say we want to be free but are we brave enough to be alone? We fear loneliness. We fear being unoccupied. We started out looking for love, but maybe we were really looking for attachment. Our need may have been attachment all along. Love was the way to attain it, the bait.

Unconditional love will not become attachment. But the moment you say to your partner, "Love only me", you begin to possess her. And in possessing, you're making your lover into an object to be used.

Immanuel Kant said that to treat another person as a means is an immoral act. In other words, if you see your lover as being there for your gratification, or to fulfil your sexual desires, or to provide something else for you... you're reducing your partner to an object.

You are in bondage - so inevitably, you'll eventually desire freedom. You will be bored by what you have and yearn for what you don't have. Or you could try to be free even while ‘possessing' your partner, causing a struggle.

Osho says, "I want to be a free person, and yet I want you to be possessed by me; you want to retain your freedom and still possess me - this is the struggle... We must remain individuals and we must move as independent, free consciousness. We can come together, we can merge into each other, but no one possesses. Then there is no bondage and then there is no attachment".

Love becomes a blessing, a real celebration when love breathes fresh air free from possessiveness and jealousy. There should be no judgment, no blame, no expectations and no attempts to control.

The soul can grow only in freedom - and unconditional love provides freedom. Osho says: My message is beyond biology and theology... Love is nothing but sharing of your consciousness with as many people as possible; not only with people, but with animals, trees, birds, clouds, stars.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Moment is clearly etched in my memory - My journey to Imphal Apr 12th-17th/06

Imphal, capital of the state of Manipur, is in eastern India. It is a small and beautiful and striking city. Imphal n the valley of Manipur river and is surrounded by the northeastern hills and vast plains of India's.

Imphal is also the state's cultural capital with lot's of traditional festivals and shows for Manipuri dances arranged here at regular intervals.
Manipur, also known as the "land of jewels" - but i wll say "LAND OF GUNS" ...

WOW - I enjoyed the entire experience so much that i didn't want it to end ...
what an amazing trip! pretty hard for me to summarize i wll try to do soon..(continue..)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Every misfortune has its own face

Worth reading this article...I liked it so wanted to share with you all :-)

Every relationship has its lifetime. This that as long as it has a start it has a finish. Some relationships last to the end of partners lifetime, some die soon after they started.

Love may start as the strongest passion but time passes and the storm of emotions calms down, relationships once so bright and full of surprises become routine. It drags on for a while and than comes crisis. A couple can either survive through it or fall apart.

Even when the love is gone its always hard to realise that you have to quit something once so good. Theres no certain way to decrease the sad feelings about falling apart. You may only try to stay civilised people about it and to let the one whos leaving do it without making up grandiose scandals and hysterics.

Although some think that its better to stay enemies than friends because than you will have nothing to regret about and wont execute meaningless attempts to get things back. But is it so right to ruin all the memories about the happy time two people have spent together with ugly scenes screaming and blaming each other in the worst sins?

Its over when its over and sometimes its obvious that all is over. Two people scream and shout one at the other almost everyday, they have nothing to talk about and if they do every conversation turns into a quarrel, one finds faults with everything the other does, they both simply annoy each other. Thats definitely the end.

The question is where the loves gone. Nobody knows it. Maybe theyve been spending too much time together and finally have started to bore each other. Maybe he has stopped telling her about his love and she has stopped feeling it. Maybe time has made the illusions disappear and the reality has turned to be not what they both expected. Maybe there was only passion and after its gone nothing has left. There can be plenty of those maybes. Every misfortune has its own face. It may even be that nothing is over but people need to take a little rest one from the other or try to diversify their relationships. In fact when each one of a couple is willing to fight to make love stay theyll find the way to do it.

The real tragedy is when one still feels the love but the other is bored and wants to leave. If the feeling is really gone no tricks will help to keep the partner, sooner or later he or she will finally leave and those few more weeks together wont make you happier. The only thing you can really do in this case is to try to get over him/her as soon as possible. That misery will pass as the happiness did.

Sometimes (and it specially refers to women) a man looses his interest to a woman because she has given up her job, interests, friends and etc. in order to become the part of his life, to be everything he needs. He doesnt have to conquer her no more, she has stopped being a personality with her own life that he had once fallen in love with. If fact this is one of the general mistakes people do. They get too comfortable and stop fighting for each others love. And than when a partner starts packing bags they wonder where did I go wrong.

But still in very many cases lost love isnt anyones fault. It is just the way things go. We should never stop believing that next time the feeling will be real and will finally last to the very end. We have no limit of times that we can fall in love and so although its sad to loose love, each time we do we should try to look at it as on the chance to find a new better one.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

aaah!! Monsoon Season!

I love monsoon season - When dark clouds cover the sky and start showering raindrops on us, I heard everyone around me saying “aah!! Monsoon Season!!.Every day there's a good chance of rain in the evening... no matter how sunny during the day, in the late afternoon the clouds roll and the wind picks up and when it rains - oh, blissful. It makes me want to take off my shoes and go play in the street.This monsoon season begins in June and dies down by September. It has a big effect on hyderabad traffic and itsusually brought to a standstill and daily life is usually impacted during the periods of heaviest rainfall

The phrase Expressions of love and happiness cannot be taught. They come to you naturally, isnt it. Every living entity shows its love for the rains in its own way. Immediately,

After the rain plants seem to be thrilled and grow much faster and greener with new branches shot up. I read in story books that peacock dance in the rain on green fields to show their happiness on arrival of monsoons.

Truly, nature has her own way of expressing love and affection to us. During monsoon season, when tiny rain droplets fall to the ground, the sky gives an impression of mother who is shedding tears in joy on meeting her beloved children. is it sounding my philosophical illusion, I feel its shows the kindness that nature has showered on us by creating monsoon season to enjoy :-)

In hyderabad, we can see the joy of monsoon on everyone faces after scotching hot in summer. Kids dancing on streets, elders enjoying rain in the balcony of their house and women preparing hot pakoras and Tea/coffee for everyone in the family. Those are hallmark of first monsoon rain.

And what else oh..ya ofcourse the romantic lovers want to spend some intimate moments with each other. We can see them sharing a common umbrella on a local bus stand or going for a long drive to invoke those romantic moments.

MasterCard advertisement that says “There are some things that money can’t buy, for everything else use MasterCard.” Truly, these moments of happiness and sense of togetherness are priceless and cannot be bought, rather felt and loved. Ah!! Monsoon Season.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Everything you experience today is the result of choice you have made in the past.

NDTV decided to take survey on Heavy traffic in the city. So the NDTV reporter start interviewing the people who are all stuck in the traffic. One guy was sitting in the car with unhappy face, the reported asked about the heavy traffic in the city to that guy. He was saying that he doesnt know when he could reach to work place and how is he going to face his boss. He was frustrated. NDTV reporter moved to another guy who is sitting in another car. NDTV guy knocked his door ..that guy gave a very pleasant smile and said Good morning! and reported asked the same question to this guy too. He was smiling and saying I have started my day early but i am badly stuck here, i have got few interesting CDs/Casettes with me, I packed my breakfast and lunch..if this is going to continue then i will listen to music and i will have my food here..and i will enjoy my day.

Could you see the difference here? Given a same situation, people reacted in two different ways. Traffic is really the deciding factor then everyone should have been angry but everyone wasnt. It was their individual response.

Give up blaming!! :-) Be the change!!

Have you ever noticed guys that people almost always complain to the wrong people who cant do anything about their complain. For example : They go to work and complain about their spouse and they come home and complain about the people at work. Why because its easier, Its less risky.

It takes courage to ask your boss or spouse to change things. Learn to replace complaining with action that will achieve your desired. Simply allow things to happen to us by our inaction and our unwillingness.

People only complain about things they can do something about it. we don't complain about the things we have no power over. Have you ever heard anyone complain about gravity? No never of course not but why not? it was not for gravity, people wouldn't fall down , we wouldn't break dishes but nobody complain about it. The reason is gravity just exists. No one can do about it. In fact because it just is we use gravity to have fun play base ball, basket ball which require gravity.

Circumstance you complain about are by their nature, situations YOU CAN CHANGE but in generally people have chosen not to change themself.

Try To Take Risk - Face it ! Change it !!
Say for example :
-Say no in the face of peer pressure ,
-Quit and find a better job,
-Guts to trust your feeling – but only you simply do those things :

why we do – because you think it involves lot of risk

Bill Gates would never have founded MS.
Steve would have never founded Apple computer. Forever reason “why its risk and not possible?”. - Yes it is possible !! and Risk you risk it !! :-)