Saturday, April 04, 2015

Sky Lattern - A beautiful memory and the beginning of happiness and dreams..

You know that the sky lantern experience is one of the must-dos!  we chose to attend an event that we had never experienced before—the sky lanterns release!  If you've never seen one for yourself, it is really a magical experience that we had thoroughly enjoyed the experience. still fresh in our memory,  Its a carnival like never before with food stalls from all over, a flea market, bands performing, small drum circles where We had insane amount of drumming and had so much fun!, and the grand finale "releasing the sky lanterns". The organizers said, was to symbolize the spirit of the union. and Riseup is an initiative taken for the empowerment of women beedi makers of Adilabad took place at Boulder Hills, Gachibowli. The Hyderabad Sky Lantern Festival 2015, RISEUP is an initiative taken for the empowerment of women and to support Women safety. We are happy to be part and as well got opportunity to contribute bit from our end.