Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Outbond Training - Plenty of Actions at Pegasus Bangalore

Recently I have attended a leadership development training that is unmatched by any other program that i have attended so far. It was absolutely refreshing after many days sitting in A/C room.
We went to Pegasus training institute Bangalore and it’s a typical military campus where discipline plays a major role. We were 20+ leaders/managers put up in the 3 days camp. We have got down in the railway station and Pegasus Vehicle came down to pick us up. The Vehicle started moving towards to bad muddy roads and the dark way surrounded with dense bushes, It was absolutely looks like forest. After many days I saw Sun Raise and Sun Set.

The colonel Nagaraju was training all of us. All the three whole days we have put up under activities and different games. The games are fun to be played at the same time it taught us the importance of communicating the goals and objectives, how to involve your team in the goal-setting process, specifically as a leader we need to know team members ideas and How do we fine tune these ideas and produce the highest quality product. The most important aspects is that when the final results are successful, as a leader make it a team success rather than just all your own.

All the games are designed to represent the basic business environment. Especially IT industry environment has conflict and certain situations foster it. We all want to see conflict end positively and as a "win-win" for all parties involved but when we are in the real conflict situation as a human we bring all our hidden emotions played around us. So how to control those unwanted emotions and focus on the particular situation to solve the issue. Mainly I have learnt that - To be a successful manager, one should be empathetic in helping your team members work through their problems. It is also vitally important to have good listening skills. We must hear them out so that they can feel and say that they have been heard.

Even more important, you want to be decisive in your responses going forward for two reasons:To bring closure to the situation. To inspire your team’s confidence with your decisions and for following your lead in the future.