Monday, November 27, 2006

Warmth of togetherness!

The Hyderabad 10K Run is being organised by the Hyderabad 10K Foundation(organisation dedicated to supporting social causes through charity and service)

initially was not eager to participate in this event later one of my friends pushed me. I should thank my friend for motivating me to attend this event. I did take part in charity programs but not this kind of events.

I can describe this is an event that born out of a passion to build a hope in the lives of many. I could feel the warmth of togetherness and the enthusiasm of the purpose that brought over 10,000+ participants.. I saw students, youth, sportspersons, corporates and even senior citizens all came together for a good cause.Its just not for fun alone. we all happy that we got an oppurtuntiy to took a small step towards a great cause and to support various social issues.