Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pink dolphin and Pink Me ! hehehe

First time sighting dolphin at singapore dolphin lagoon show. It was thrilling experience. I saw a real pink dolphin in Sentosa Island, singapore and I really want to touch her/him. I am bad!I forgot their names. They asked for some volunteers to go down and play/touch the dolphins (erm...please think straight). i raised my hand when they called me out and i stood up, there was a very distinctive "Oooooo" from the male audiences. wow! i was on 9th cloud because since my childhood I’ve been watching quite a few these shows in TV and never dreamed in a million years I would be the one they pick out of such a big crowd.

Trainer took me to the water and sprayed oil to both of my hands. Trainer raised his hand and whistled..oh man the next dolphins poped out from the water..swims round me and I get to stroke it a few times, then trainer asked to put my kneel down in the water which is only up to my shoulders and the pink dolphin comes up and kisses me on the cheek, I took deep breath on the surface, the graceful mammal actually touched my face again as if kissing me! I’m so excited to be in such proximity with this amazing creature.

Playing with pink dolphins it was amazing. Then I feed it tiny little fish by hand and the trainer guy tells me ofcoure! I tried to put it in her mouth instead of throwing it for her. My pink dolphin then waves bye bye to me with her tail and they did make some funny noises.

There was actually a skit where the dolphins were shaking their heads when being offered some fish, but they wanted the whole bucket instead. it was fun and very cute.

The dolphins continued to check me out. eventually every dolphin in the basin came up to see me. Several touched me gently. I found it amazing that these sea creatures were so gentle and they had so much personality. :-( All too soon, my 30 minute visit with the dolphins was over. it is a memory I will enjoy and relive forever.

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Mercury said...

I too went to this place. Its of no use when one doesnt go to Sentosa being in Singapore. Its awesome !!!