Tuesday, May 30, 2006

aaah!! Monsoon Season!

I love monsoon season - When dark clouds cover the sky and start showering raindrops on us, I heard everyone around me saying “aah!! Monsoon Season!!.Every day there's a good chance of rain in the evening... no matter how sunny during the day, in the late afternoon the clouds roll and the wind picks up and when it rains - oh, blissful. It makes me want to take off my shoes and go play in the street.This monsoon season begins in June and dies down by September. It has a big effect on hyderabad traffic and itsusually brought to a standstill and daily life is usually impacted during the periods of heaviest rainfall

The phrase Expressions of love and happiness cannot be taught. They come to you naturally, isnt it. Every living entity shows its love for the rains in its own way. Immediately,

After the rain plants seem to be thrilled and grow much faster and greener with new branches shot up. I read in story books that peacock dance in the rain on green fields to show their happiness on arrival of monsoons.

Truly, nature has her own way of expressing love and affection to us. During monsoon season, when tiny rain droplets fall to the ground, the sky gives an impression of mother who is shedding tears in joy on meeting her beloved children. is it sounding my philosophical illusion, I feel its shows the kindness that nature has showered on us by creating monsoon season to enjoy :-)

In hyderabad, we can see the joy of monsoon on everyone faces after scotching hot in summer. Kids dancing on streets, elders enjoying rain in the balcony of their house and women preparing hot pakoras and Tea/coffee for everyone in the family. Those are hallmark of first monsoon rain.

And what else oh..ya ofcourse the romantic lovers want to spend some intimate moments with each other. We can see them sharing a common umbrella on a local bus stand or going for a long drive to invoke those romantic moments.

MasterCard advertisement that says “There are some things that money can’t buy, for everything else use MasterCard.” Truly, these moments of happiness and sense of togetherness are priceless and cannot be bought, rather felt and loved. Ah!! Monsoon Season.


Anonymous said...

i have been a regular reader of urs for quite some time now..but never commented..but i just fell in luv with this piece...and gr8 pics too.now that i am anyways commenting,loved ur post

Anonymous said...

Hey monsoon gal
Advance birthday wishes to you

Anonymous said...

As your birthday is almost here, I am sending you my best wishes for a happy, healthy and fun-filled day. May you celebrate it with the warmth and friendship deserve. And may you realize your most heartfelt dreams in the year ahead.


Nandu said...


Happy B'day Malu

Njoy and b happy

Take care