Sunday, April 03, 2011

EuroStar Conference 2011

We won the contest and I would like to take here an opportunity to thank each & everyone of you by their name for your immense support. This wouldn’t have been possible without your support. This goes on to prove that anything is achievable when we all put in our efforts together which has been the core concept behind my video. This is a real TEAM WORK.

A special thanks to Family, Friends, my project team, my superiors and my supportive colleagues.


ritesh said...

i like your article, i want you Wright some blogs on my blog website on i need guest posts..


Sagar said...

Hey Malini,

This is Sagar.. hope you remember. I was in linkedin recently and saw your profile :). Nice blog :)..

Keep in touch. Very happy to see our friend growing. Good work :).

Take care


Malini Mohan Kumar said...

Hi Sagar, Long time! Ofcourse i do remember you :). I am very happy to see your message. Hope all is well at your end. Thanks for dropping by! you too take care

Sneha Sudhir said...

Congratulation Malini. Happy for you.

Sneha Sudhir said...

Congratulations Malini. Happy for you.