Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its nothing like Live concert isn’t it! Bryan Adams Concert!

I got back from the Bryan Adams concert. Huge lineup to park the car and get in - like about a half a kilometer long so we just managed to park our car and kept walking all the way up to the entrance and lucky we did and we got to walk right in! But my friends choked when security checked their purse and told them no cosmetics were allowed in the venue - huh?? They made them throw away their cosmetics! I yet to discover the security reason behind it?!!.

Great night, we were far from the stage but we could see him and the band really well. The highlight for me was when he said My name is Bryan. Here I am'. He took off his song 'Here I Am' from that point – The crowd was excited when he just stringed through our ears the first tune of “Summer of 69” everyone got into it and was loud and singing and dancing. Played all the hits “Baby you are gone”, “18 till I die” and some new tunes as well. Bryan Adams singing songs that you and me would have listened more than million times but still listening those songs from Bryan is for sure to get goose bumps.It gave me a great feeling to sing along to the hits from the 90's. The stage was a constant flurry of excitement and completely into the aura of rock music.

The sky was sparkling with beautiful stars here and there and a huge round shining moon. Bryan standing under the cool and beautiful night gray shiny sky and entertaining the crowd. His voice was roared through the miles in the air and I was totally in trance watching the sky, the star, the moon and the rock star, watching him singing, the whole sight was mesmerizing.

Hey Stars! What’s special today? Why are you shining too much? Stop! Isn’t it too much for my small eyes, huh I know they never listened to me. Just I could see another me in them with full packed excitement; All the way they were brilliance, twinkle, glint, radiance, and sparkling along with the rock star Bryan. All the more Bryan asked the 20,000+ crowd to light up their digital mobile and flash over to make the place brighter. Wow! The entire picture was food to the eyes and music to the ears. He sang around 20 songs including “Let’s make a night to remember”, “Please forgive me”, “How do ya feel tonight” “Running to you”- but it was not enough for all of us.

The crowd was kept in a constant trance and was simply electrifying. Bryan kept the pep talk on and trying to communicate to the audience. His light-heartedness was infectious. He has such a unique way of captivating and relating to his audience. I think after this astonishing experience, I now see Bryan Adams with even more respect than I did before. I could see that Bryan Adams’ impact on me and I hold the piece of evidence, that even when you climb the highest ladder of success, you can still remain grounded in your sense of reality. My eyes kept filled with plenty of colorful wonder as the music played on. The hyperactive guitarist scott, who was never at a standstill, wore a path in the floor running back and forth. The light works kept me craving for more.

Everywhere excitement, I noticed that there were bouncers, security guards and traffic policemen posted on every nook and corner. However, they could not do much to stop the madness. Thank God nothing of that sort happened. Bryan said Thanks and goodnight twice asked the crowd to go home but all of us were not ready to leave him. He left his guitar down and stood for a sec looking at the crowd. That was really fun to watch him the way he was teasing his fans. After he gave two more songs and signed off himself saying - Its fantastic night! Good night! God bless. The mood was ecstatic and upbeat throughout the show. I enjoyed every moment of the show and shouted madly . It proved to be a big treat for all the fans of Bryan Adams.

What a start of 2011 year! Hearing Bryan sing live was the experience of a lifetime. The concert was one of the most electrifying and enjoyable moments of my life. The feeling of being in a world of rock music was just amazing. The event was worth the experience which I will remember for days to come.


The Rock said...

Yes it was indeed the most memorable experience and nice writeup.

Rupa said...

Real good one. It was an awesome show and yes am totally in love with bryan Adams.Am still in that angover.


Anoop Sudhakaran said...

I wish If I could attend it! :( But no luck! Wishing me better luck for Linkin Park Live Concert!!!
btw nice writeup! :)

imtu55 said...

yes it was a very nice and excellent
concert. i really missed it, if i was there i was the luckiest person in the world- you can visit my blog-