Saturday, February 13, 2010

Released My First Tech Video @ Youtube

I am finding it very interesting to create videos and this one is just trial version out of my paper presentation. I will be posting clippings that i have composed on my own. Hope you wll enjoy it:-). This video may bore you because its technical:-)but I believe that sure helps you, if you are in SW development and managing big size project in IT service.

Click here to view


Lynn said...


Thanks again for finding Nancy and I and the Calgary Perspectives on Software Testing Workshop, POST. I am checking out your Blog...where are all the blogs about software testing? ;)))

Be sure to add a new entry to your blog informing everyone you have been accepted to submit an article to the upcoming POST workshop. I am building the handout and the new webpage that will include your article. Exciting stuff!


Malini Mohan Kumar said...

Thank you so much ! Thats very kind of you..I am excited and little tensed:)hehehe