Friday, October 09, 2009

The Web - I am Happy! Are you?

Help is coming from the unlikeliest corner — the Web. but there are many ways of extending a helping hand. And making that possible is a host of websites with a cause.

There are 21 communities in India dedicated to social causes on the web. People are using technology to stay connected and spread the word. They are setting up blogs, communities on social networking sites and even opening their own domains to spread the good word. are dedicated to senior citizens, started by a bunch of youngsters, is aimed at changing the face of Mumbai — for the better.

The blog was started after the Mumbai terror attacks of 26/11, as citizens looked for ways to help the victims. “ - When Khushroo Poacha, an officer with the Indian Railways in Nagpur, launched in 2000, he was utilising the dotcom boom to make patients who need blood connect with those willing to donate. Less than a decade later, he has 50,000 registered donors from all across the country. “With the click of a button, I am able to connect to at least four or five blood donors in every city free of cost,” says Poacha.

Poacha’s latest initiative — — is aimed at collecting unused medicines and distributing it to non-governmental organizations (NGOs). “Open your cupboards or medicine chest, organize an unused medicine collection drive in your locality or office, and donate them to people who need them,” says Poacha on his website. to go beyond armchair activism — and now sees it as a vehicle for change. Mumbaikar Dantas supports himself by designing T-shirts with social yet witty messages that are put up on the blog. “It serves a dual purpose,” says Dantas — earning him a livelihood and spreading messages across.

Many others are doing it, virtually and actually. I have recently extended my help to Pocha’s collecting medicines and received his free stickers and I distributed the stickers to my friends . I felt really happy ! Y dnt you lend your warm hand once and see how do you feel about it..:)