Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do the Wave : Do the Test!

Google first showed off its new integrated communications platform called Google Wave in May. From Today onwards 100,000 testers are going to get to look pretty closely at the platform. You look at Google Wave, the cooler it looks. reports that the test will reach consumer and business users. Danny Sullivan also points out that this test may also include the capability to invite others.

Read Write Web clarifies that each person invited will have the opportunity to nominate eight people to join

Wave include:
•Online/offline chat
•One-on-one or group chat
•In-line replies within chats
•Photo sharing, events and link sharing
•(Eventually) integration with email

More features are to come—some of which are pretty vital, such as privacy and permissions features, the ability to remove people from waves, etc.
RWW reports the invites will be coming to select people from developers currently working on their sandbox server, people who’ve signed up on the Google Wave site and some Google Apps enterprise users. IE users will be prompted to add Google Chrome Frame to their browser.

As the back-end support for the system grows, more invites will be issued—some to those so graciously nominated by their friends who are already testing. If none of your friends are on Wave yet, RWW [Read Write Web]says you can always play with the robots—no seriously, developers have already created bots for Google Wave.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Wave? Is an invitation waiting in your inbox?


Srini said...

Did you get google invitation to test Wave??

Malini Mohan Kumar said...

No am just waiting to receive but lot of spam is going so be sure when you get such fake email. I wll let you know if i get one.