Tuesday, April 24, 2007

IT impacts !

Converstaion started very normally with "Places to visit around Hyderabad" but end up having so much fun..:-)

sudeep :This weekend I am looking for a get away of about 200-300 KM car drive. Any idea, what are the places I can visit around Hyderabad? Also, please do provide me with the path.

Anup Guruvugari : "Also, please do provide me with the path" Side effects of being in the IT field.. J .. 'route' becomes path .! No offense intended

Ramachandra: Yeah.. "provide me with the Path" ,,,, actually cudnt recollect that the word shud be route till u mentioned it…. Certainly occupational errors…. The other day I was hearing one guy talking of a "Standalone" house.. when he was actually intending a independent house… Poor broker shud have tuff time trying to find a " Alone house standing in a huge empty area… " don't know what interpretations the guy must have made

Arun Kumar Sevakule : Hehee… Once I went to have juice at the local juice vendor and innocuously asked him whether he had a plain 'version' of nimbu pani

Sridhar Narsupalli : One late night when I went home after work, I was trying to flash my id card to open the lock and only after few secs, I realised what i'm trying to do ;-)

Sudheer Kumar Some: My experience: Once when I was searching for a house, When the owner asked my name, my reply was "Sudheer underscore some" (My id is Sudheer_some).

KrishnaKranthi G: Once we were trying to get our car into a Ferry(cruise ship). So I asked the security guy "Can the Ferry go into the Car?"(shud have been the other way)...my friends and that guy started laughing.I use find, replace a lot...that might be the effect.

Ramachandra: I dial so often 9 and wait…. I go to some place to wash my hands… I just show my hands up and wait for the water to wash it…. :P forgetting I need to turn something on… When I went to a movie theatre from office directly.. I showed the guy at the entrance my ID card and walked in… he had to call me back asking the ticket…

Vamsikrishna: Few of my friends and myself decided to go out for dinner. The place wasn't fixed yet. I said we shall decide it "run time"

Venu Vedam: And I – after a forty hour marathon in Bhubaneshwar with Powerbuilder, decided to take a break and went to a movie. In the middle of the movie, when I wanted to check the time, I kept repeatedly glancing at the bottom right corner of the silver screen!

Vidyarthi Mallam: Me getting a thought of doing an Alt+Tab while switching from a news channel to the DVD while watching TV.

Pandu: you know there have been several instances while trying to cross the road on foot I always tried to switch on the indicator

Any funny incident like this then Pls share it with me :-)...I wll be waiting to hear from you..