Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Personal History

I give a lot of credit to my family for what I am today. Family would be mom, dad, elder sis sharmila, brother-in-law srinivas younger sis Priya, elder brother Kiran, younger brother shailesh and the cutest nephew harish kumar. Parents took care of us very well, made us feel comfortable and never let us feel down by the financial burden they had to face. I take my time to make friends and I don't generally take the initiative to make a conversation with a total stranger. I value all my friends and I am really happy that I met such people.

My dad is an awsome person and he worked as supervisor in E.I.d Parry. He is vbut I know he iery handsome and also very soft hearted person when it comes to me and my family. I am totally my dad's pet. He encourages me to study hard and freak out too. I am closer to my dad than I am to my mom, I guess most girls are like that, or maybe it is because my dad pampers me and gives me what I want.

My mom is a homemaker, like every Indian mother is very caring. She has always supported me whenever I have taken bold decisions.she was a house wife and used to conduct tuition classes for school going children at her free time.I think my mother is great, we have an amazing understanding between us and I know she misses me alot.

My elder sis Sharmila is very pretty,sweet and stubborn in nature. She is habitually reserved in speech, withholding her opinion. She has showed me the other point of view. We still argue over things. At times I can see her point of view is very mature.

Hey Everyone meet Harish Kumar!! My Nephew! He is just smart and handsome isnt it..! He is the first grand son to my parents.He is in 4th standard. He likes to laugh a lot and to cry just 'a bit'. He is a big fan of telugu actor Nagarjuna. Love to play computer games and cricket all the time. We like to play hide-n-seek together. He calls me "Mali chiti". I love my nephew very very much. I miss him a lot.

My younger sis Priya is an upcoming Software engineer. whose sole aim in life is to disturb every other member in the family hehe. She is just like my elder sis but very funny gal at times.She is 5yrs younger than me, but we have always been more like twins.

Not only are we three sisters, but are good friends and share the ambitions in life. we are so in tune with each other that there is not much need for explanation. We are incredibly close as sisters.

This page wouldn't be complete if I forgot to thank all of those who have made my life what it is today. You all had a part of my life and have a place in my heart. Thanks for always having my back, and know that I will always have yours. Thanks for giving my world a little style :)


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